United Communities Network / Central County United Way
It is the mission of United Communities Network (UCN), a California Non Profit incorporated under IRC 501 (c) 3, to assist the community in the development and implementation of new, or the expansion or modification of existing, human service programs; to promote preventive activities, and foster cooperation among local, state and national agencies in service to the community. With this mission in mind, UCN serves the community through a variety of programs and services: The Fingerprints Youth Museum, the Senior Home Repair Program, Shopping Cart Retrieval Programs, the Directional Sign Management Program, Lot Clean-up and Beautification Program, and now SJ Valley Crime Stoppers Plus. In addition to these direct community service programs, UCN also promotes the Tinsel Triathlon, Santa's Workshop, and food truck festivals each year.

UCN is managed by a longtime, dedicated Board of Directors and a professional management team . Bob Duistermars, President/CEO has over 25 years’ experience in successful nonprofit management. Connie Hall, Vice President of operations has an MBA and over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit, counseling, and criminal justice arena.

UCN is fiscally sound and is financially organized under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Board Approved financial policies. This dedication to fiscal responsibility results in long term commitment to community and program longevity.

Crime Stoppers Plus - A program of United Communities Network

To build and fund a program throughout the valley that both seeks and trains volunteers that are willing to participate at a local level to build a safer community, neighborhood by neighborhood.

To provide a stable framework within which local volunteers can be recruited, trained, and tracked as they engage their neighbors in neighborhood watch programs and disaster preparedness techniques.

We envision a voluntary cadre of concerned citizens working to create a community prepared for disasters and where children can play in their yards and citizens can recreate and shop in relative safety.